by Neil Bryer

176. Oblivious
January 16, 2011
Comic 176
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Wombat Notes

This strip could have been a bit more timely with the Conan reference, but the Halloween storyline went on longer then I realized it would. Though the show is still new enough that I think it works in the context of this strip. I've been meaning to use Zuul a bit more too, and since they're at the Wombat's place, it makes sense that she'd be there.

UPDATE 1/20/11

So you may have checked the site earlier in the week and saw a...different...strip with the same plot. The truth of it is, I kinda rushed to get the strip done due to the fact that I was already behind schedule. The result was, I felt, less then great. There were some things I liked in the art, but overall there was more wrong then right. I'm not being a perfectionist, like one person accused me of, I just couldn't let it go. The fact that this week's strip has had the most hits of any in quite a while didn't help either. This version still isn't perfect, but I feel it's a lot better then what was up before, and I hope you do too.

For comparison's sake see the original art here.