by Neil Bryer

178. Book Club
January 30, 2011
Comic 178
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Wombat Notes

Sorry for the lateness of the strip. Lately I've been doing the pencils on Sunday, doing the final artwork Monday night after I get home from work and posting them late Monday night for reading on Tuesday mornings. I kind of like the work flow of that arrangement and meant to do that this week, but Monday night I had a bit of a Malware/Spyware scare. My antivirus program seems to have found and deleted the offending file, but even after that I was having issues due to some system changes it made and it took me most of the night to fix them. As far as I can tell, everything back to situation nominal now.Note: the site has not been hacked in any way...you are safe.

So I had planned to bring in this new character to throw a wrench in the Wombat/Ashlee relationship, but I needed a way to bring these two together. I got the idea when I found out a co-worker was reading some (I presume) terrible werewolf book for tweens, so the next day I brought in a book from my personal collection and loaned it to her (she claims to be liking it so far). I came up with the idea for the "book exchange". It seemed like a good way to make the Wombat have to meet Olive outside of the comic shop. I don't really know anyone who does this, but it sounds like a good idea I might actually start doing.

The books Olive lists are obviously meant to be parodies. "Fezzik the Mouse" is meant to be a take on "Mouse Guard", an awesome book by David Petersen. I wasn't sure if he'd be cool with me actually using the title of the book in my strip...not that I say anything bad about it, but still. So I changed it up a bit. And of course, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to resurrect fan favorite "The Crime Fighting Monk".

I've been injecting little bits of color into the strip lately. In the past two it's been the blue highlight in Olive's hair. I like having just the one little splash of color. Maybe one day I'll take the strip full color, but for now I think I'll just stick with trying to find a way to incorporate a tiny bit within the gray world of the wombat.

I sent in my application for a table at this year's Detroit Fanfare. It's in September this year and will be held at Cobo Hall. I don't have confirmation yet, but I'm working on the assumption I'll get in so that's two conventions booked for 2011. If you know of any you think I should attend, feel free to send me a note and I'll look into them. I'm not opposed to traveling.

We're supposed to get a big snow store tonight (actually, it is coming down pretty hard right now. WMU is closed tomorrow, so I won't have to go to class, and there's been talk that I might not have to go to work tomorrow...though I won't know that until the morning. It'd be nice to have a day off.