by Neil Bryer

225. Absolute Power
February 11, 2013
Comic 226
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Wombat Notes

Again...I'm sure most real drain commissioners aren't corrupt and trying to use their power to get free stuff...but the wombat is not most, real drain commissioners. I would say this is the beginning of the Wombat's political downward spiral, but I think that actually started the moment his name was written in on the ballots.

This strip is a day later than I would have liked it to be, but so far, that's not as bad as I had been where I could go a couple weeks without updating, so I'm going to continue my new tradition of going out to the bar tonight after work to do some drawing. And with any luck, there will be another new strip up next week. It feels good to be back on a fairly regular schedule again. Also, if I keep on it, I figure I should have enough strips by the end of the year to do a second print book which would also include some new drawings, a couple exclusive to the book strips, and be printed in color! I'm thinking, if it's still a thing by then, I'll attempt to do a Kickstarter for it, so feel free to start suggesting things you'd like to see as rewards if/when I get to it.

I've got a couple other things in the works for the Wombat, but I don't want to go into them right now. As things get closer to completion I'll share them.